Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Weekend of ART!

So my hubby and I were at the cabin this weekend along with his sister, her hubby and their 3 kids. Even with all the chaos I still had a little time to work on the miniature store/studio. It was a lot of sanding to get the porch posts to fit. (Actually they still aren't right.) And a lot of sanding on other stuff so it looks like not much was done. I did, however, get the top story back wall painted and glued in as well as the top stair rail. 

I also had time to hang a few things that I did on the last visit here for the kids and myself. 

These are 5" X 7" stencil collages that I did for each of the kids and they hang directly above each of their beds.

This is a collage I did to hang over my desk at the cabin. It is based on a class I took from Anna Dobrowski (not sure if it's spelled right.) I call it "My Artistic Muse" and she is supposed to watch over me and give me inspiration in time of artists block. ( I'm doing this as a new class next year.)

This is a painting that came with the cabin and they left it because the frame is extra deep so that it covers the old wood stove flue that sticks out of the wall. It originally had a painting of some deer that were lovingly hand painted by someone but alas they were not all that well done. I took out the old canvas and just painted right over it with some acrylic paints using the stencils I brought to make the kids artwork.

This is one I did last week at home and it was an idea I had for the stencil collage technique. Instead of using color to stencil over color I painted the background with color but I stenciled the foreground all in white. I think it came out really great and this might become a class too. (Be sure and let me know what you think.)

My little art corner is becoming quite inviting and I have more ideas to fill the empty spaces.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

More Gluing and Patching

I know I just published the last post a few minutes ago but it was actually done at about 9am. I thought hit the publish button but I must not have. Anyways as you can see here I have second floor installed now. 

Complete with a tin ceiling and of course the upper floor has walnut planking as well. Since the staircase is slightly crooked I am seeing all kind of gaps that I will have to cover with baseboards around the bottom edge. (Ughkkkk!!.... Another tedious job awaits me.)

Morning Glue Fest

As you can see I have been busy this morning. The first floor along with the staircase is finally permanently glued together. You may also notice that the real walnut floors have been installed along with the front porch decking. (It would have been so cool if I just could have hired mini construction workers to do that.) 

Here's a quick view of the front porch. 

And here's how it will look when I get porch posts installed. ( The second floor has to go in before that.) If I get lucky I may have time to glue the second floor today before we leave. (YEAH!!!)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall Colors and the Miniature Store

My hubby and I are at the cabin this weekend and I am so happy I get time to finally work on the store again. The fall colors are just starting to pop and I think the most beautiful tree is the one right next to our front deck. If it was warmer then 57 degrees outside I would have hauled my stuff outside to work under this beautiful tree. 

Of course Dexter could really care less about the trees outside. Unless of course there is some wildlife under it or in it. (Yeah..... He's as spoiled as he looks.)

I have been working on just filling and sanding the porch posts both yesterday afternoon and today. 

Now I think I'm finally done with all that and I am painting the porch posts a nice clean white.

Hopefully I'll be able to start assembling the bottom story so stay tuned for more.

Friday, July 31, 2015

It's Finally Here... New Classes!!!!

Boy the three months in between the newsletters for the class sure flew by. Pretty soon the kids will be back in school and you'll have time to take classes for yourself. Here's a sneak peek at some of the ones coming up on the next schedule. (To see the whole class schedule just click on the tab at the top that says "class schedule".)

Monday, July 6, 2015

New Kaiser Paper, New Card Samples

If you follow us on Facebook then you probably already saw the photo of all these wonderful papers fanned out. What you didn't see, unless you follow the blog, is all the wonderful card samples I got to make from this beautiful paper. It's also not really obvious from the Facebook photo but there are some wonderful lavenders on the backs of some of these papers. Even though they don't look they all came from the same collection of papers they actually do. Be sure and look for them at the store since there is some glitter and mica spray on most of these that don't really show in the photos. 

Here is another new collection from Kaiser called "Fly Free" and I just love the colors. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Plea to a Shoplifter

Today I was called by Karen from Stampeddler to check on a few things and she informed me before we were finished that something very sad and frustrating had happened. I had dropped off 18 new card samples made from the new line of Kaiser paper last week and she told me that some of them had been stolen. She wasn't sure how many or which ones because she had not even had a chance to see them yet. The only reason they knew they were missing was that there was empty spots on some of the "fans" and some stamps below the sample boards up top were knocked over. In all they think about 10 to 12 cards were taken but it may be more since we are always moving things around. We think it is one person and they are possibly selling the samples taken to another store or on-line. This is not the first time that samples have been taken from the store. In fact I think it happens quite frequently but we are never sure because we move things. It may have been just put away because we no longer have the supplies to make it, or it may have been moved to another spot because the supplies used were also moved. I'm also very sure that many other things are taken from the store but those items for sale don't seem to upset everyone (including me) quite as much as someone taking the samples. Why does it upset me? The obvious reason is because I personally took a lot of time, effort and thought into making each and every one of the store samples. The less obvious reason it upsets me is because I have never been opposed to people taking photos of my work. In fact I encourage it and I will even go out of my way to explain to someone how I made that particular sample. The last reason (and this should bother all of you that shop there) is that now that sample is no longer available for you as our customer to be inspired by. So I ask all of you now to keep an eye out whenever you are shopping at Stampeddler. If you ever see someone take one of the samples please let us know. If you are the person that actually took my samples as well as other things then shame on you. Are you so lazy that you can't make your own pieces or are you just too lazy to ask how to do it? Whatever the reason you are taking these samples I ask you to please stop. If I ever see you take one of my samples I will press charges even if the store doesn't. Next time take a photo instead of the actual sample.

Here are 3 of the samples that I dropped off last week. Thankfully I scan all of my work before I take it to the store so I can reproduce these again if I choose to. Not sure if any of these were among the ones taken so you may not get to see the actual cards themselves but at least you can see the photos here.