Friday, July 31, 2015

It's Finally Here... New Classes!!!!

Boy the three months in between the newsletters for the class sure flew by. Pretty soon the kids will be back in school and you'll have time to take classes for yourself. Here's a sneak peek at some of the ones coming up on the next schedule. (To see the whole class schedule just click on the tab at the top that says "class schedule".)

Monday, July 6, 2015

New Kaiser Paper, New Card Samples

If you follow us on Facebook then you probably already saw the photo of all these wonderful papers fanned out. What you didn't see, unless you follow the blog, is all the wonderful card samples I got to make from this beautiful paper. It's also not really obvious from the Facebook photo but there are some wonderful lavenders on the backs of some of these papers. Even though they don't look they all came from the same collection of papers they actually do. Be sure and look for them at the store since there is some glitter and mica spray on most of these that don't really show in the photos. 

Here is another new collection from Kaiser called "Fly Free" and I just love the colors. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Plea to a Shoplifter

Today I was called by Karen from Stampeddler to check on a few things and she informed me before we were finished that something very sad and frustrating had happened. I had dropped off 18 new card samples made from the new line of Kaiser paper last week and she told me that some of them had been stolen. She wasn't sure how many or which ones because she had not even had a chance to see them yet. The only reason they knew they were missing was that there was empty spots on some of the "fans" and some stamps below the sample boards up top were knocked over. In all they think about 10 to 12 cards were taken but it may be more since we are always moving things around. We think it is one person and they are possibly selling the samples taken to another store or on-line. This is not the first time that samples have been taken from the store. In fact I think it happens quite frequently but we are never sure because we move things. It may have been just put away because we no longer have the supplies to make it, or it may have been moved to another spot because the supplies used were also moved. I'm also very sure that many other things are taken from the store but those items for sale don't seem to upset everyone (including me) quite as much as someone taking the samples. Why does it upset me? The obvious reason is because I personally took a lot of time, effort and thought into making each and every one of the store samples. The less obvious reason it upsets me is because I have never been opposed to people taking photos of my work. In fact I encourage it and I will even go out of my way to explain to someone how I made that particular sample. The last reason (and this should bother all of you that shop there) is that now that sample is no longer available for you as our customer to be inspired by. So I ask all of you now to keep an eye out whenever you are shopping at Stampeddler. If you ever see someone take one of the samples please let us know. If you are the person that actually took my samples as well as other things then shame on you. Are you so lazy that you can't make your own pieces or are you just too lazy to ask how to do it? Whatever the reason you are taking these samples I ask you to please stop. If I ever see you take one of my samples I will press charges even if the store doesn't. Next time take a photo instead of the actual sample.

Here are 3 of the samples that I dropped off last week. Thankfully I scan all of my work before I take it to the store so I can reproduce these again if I choose to. Not sure if any of these were among the ones taken so you may not get to see the actual cards themselves but at least you can see the photos here. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Nice Little Bed

So I was pretty wiped out after raking leaves and weed whacking the grass so we decided to eat lunch and cool off a little bit. Hubby is out getting the truck ready for us to go elk watching tonight and while he does that I decided to put my sewing skills to use. I made two little beds for the dogs that will become mascots for the store.

This little cutie is named Lego and he belongs to my sister-in-law's 3 kids. He visits with them when they come up here to stay with us at the cabin. Dexter thinks he is evil incarnate and wants nothing to do with him but maybe one day he'll get used to him.

I think his ears look a little different but he's close enough.

This is a replica I found of Dexter that I hand-painted. The original one was a Burmese Mountain dog. Everyone thinks he looks like a golden retriever but he's actually a Labradoodle. Both of his parents were Labradoodles so that's why he looks different than most of the ones you see. I also added his little mohawk which is actually a cowlick on the top of his head.

So what do you think? Again I know his ears look a little different too but I think he's close enough. (Don't tell Dexter I said that I think Lego was the cutest thing on the planet.) 

Painting Again

Hubby and I actually arrived yesterday at our cabin. I did a little work on the fixtures for the store and then painted a couple. I wanted to leave the major gluing of the first floor until today but it seems I will be stuck on yard duty this morning. So until I get the sticks and leaves picked up and the sparse but extra tall grass with the weed whacker, I will have to glue later. Until then here are a few things to look at.

I decided to paint the big set of shelves lime green. I added a front piece to each shelf of the magazine rack because they kept sliding off. As you can see I put items on the shelves to see what it would look like. (Pretty dang cute, I think!) The silver background you see behind the shelves will eventually end up as the "tin" ceiling.

Here's a close up of the magazines and the paper pads. (Yes I made all of them.) the Punch Artistry book is actually one I published with a friend of mine a number of years ago.

Here's a close up of the acrylic paint bottles and a few of the rubber stamps I made.

Well I gotta go into town to get a few groceries then it's weed whacking in the yard.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Up North Again

Well we are making another trip to the cabin this month. I'm so excited that I get to work on my store again so soon. We normally go up only once a month so this is a treat for me. Just to get you in the mood I thought I would show a couple of other "little" things that will go in the store.

Since I love ribbon and Stampeddler has a lot of it I thought it was only fitting to have some in my store. I made the case and the ribbon spools by hand. The ribbon is actually cut from washi tape and then rolled onto the spools. 

I have lots of fiber in my own studio so I thought I should have some in my store too. I pounded 2 nails into a small board about an inch apart then wound yarn on them. When I had enough yarn for a skein I would cut a small piece of patterned paper and glue it around the yarn. 

Any good craft store has all kinds of paint available for sale so mine is going to have some too. These are made from silver polymer clay and then painted white with different bands of color on them. 

I love my colored pencils so there has to be a set in my store. I plan to make the boxes along with other packaged items one day on my computer. These will probably sit in the classroom up stairs in a small vase or cup on one of the tables. They are made from really tiny dowel rods that I sanded to a point and then painted. (I got a good laugh when I showed these in one of my classes at the store and a lady picked one up and tried to draw with it.) 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

It Pays To Think Ahead

I got 2 more of the store fixtures done last night. As I was sanding the display case I had a sudden realization of my stupidity. I thought I was so brilliant to insert a piece of packaging plastic as the "window" that I failed to realize that painting the inside of the display case will now be one giant headache. I can get to it all but I'm certain that I will inevitably end up getting paint on the inside of the "window". Since we will be leaving today I think I will leave that part for the next time we come up.