Friday, May 22, 2015

Been Busy Stocking the Store

I bet you are all wondering what has been happening with the miniature craft store. Well if you take a class from me I bring what I am working on to the class for everyone to see it in person but if you aren't in one of my classes then checking out the blog is the next best thing.

So I had been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make miniature Distress Stain Bottles. They are made from a frosted plastic and I couldn't for the life of me think of what I could use. Then I remembered I had some dried up gel pens and I had used the ink tubes on another project. I like them because they are larger in diameter then a regular ink pen tube.
So I took the pens apart and pushed the dried up white gel out of the tube. (I cleaned them out with a pipe cleaner too.) Once I had them apart I cut the tube into 1/2" sections.

I then used my japanese screw punch to cut circles that happened to fit inside the end of the tube. I glued them in and now I had a bottle with an open top. I made some polymer clay "dowels" by using my clay extruder and once I had them baked I just cut them into little discs. I glued the 2 sizes on top of each other to make the "stepped" cap and then glued them over the open top of the bottle. I colored the inside of the tube with alcohol ink to make them look like they had the Distress Stain in them. (I'm thinking those silver cones may make some good track lighting fixtures.)

Here's the real sized bottle next to the miniature. I have since printed labels on my computer and added them to the bottles. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Early Morning Frustration

After almost an hour and a half of struggle I finally get the first floor to fit. The directions say to glue the first floor together except for the left hand corner. Then you're supposed to be able to "slip" the staircase in by pulling out the corner a little. 

2 of the tabs from the stairs didn't line up with the slots in the side walls so I had to make them larger. (I'll be cutting wood pieces, gluing and putting putty in to fill those huge holes later.) Right now it is only taped together because I'm afraid if I glue it that the front or upper floor will not fit.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Still On The Stairs.....

Well I started out good this morning. I proceeded to attach all the treads to the stairs and get them all sanded and filled in with wood putty. I then went to put the first floor together and when I went to insert the stairs I realized......
.... that I had glued the lower stairs even with the bottom of the tabs. Why is that a problem? (You may ask) Because those tabs fit into the floor. DOH!!!!!

So I carefully sawed and cut with the craft knife and mini mitre saw and finally got it apart without breaking it. (I didn't even swear once.) 

So now I re-glue the stairs and figure out how to get 4 more hands so I can hold and glue the first floor together.

Day 2 of the Stairs......

Apparently all I needed was a couple of hard ciders and a good nights sleep. If I had read further in the directions I would have discovered that some of the stair risers are a different size. (Thank goodness because the nearest craft store is the Hobby Lobby in Gaylord which is over an hour away.) Now all I need to do is add the stair treads when it dries a little more. While that is sitting off to the side I think I'll start on the first floor of the store.

Friday, May 8, 2015

And So it Begins....

So I arrived with hubby at our cabin at around 2pm today. After lunch and a "walkie" with Dexter I decided to tackle the miniature store.
Here's the corner desk that I work on smaller projects at. I took out one of the wooden "sheets" from the box to try and work on assembling the stairs. After carefully punching out the die cut wood pieces I am realizing that I now wish I had a newer version of this kit which would have been laser cut instead of die cut. There are many jagged edges because of the die cut process which has resulted in several nasty slivers. As it looks now I'm probably going to have to cut all new stair treads and risers because none of them are the same size. I'm sure the amount of sanding and filling needed with wood putty will guarantee a lengthy stay in an insane asylum.
I think I'm going to have one or 2 of these  and see how I feel about it later. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Whatcha been doing?

Well  I've been busy getting small. Actually I've got a new "miniature" project that I will be taking on whenever I visit my cabin up-north. I got a miniature doll house kit from a friend of mine who had 2 of them. It's originally intended to be a general store but how boring is that? I decided to make the lower level a craft store and the upper story will be the class room and studio.

So here's how it looks when it is completed. (This is the pic on the box.) The store is based loosely on Stampeddler itself but since I couldn't find a "church" to build the store in this will have to do. The upstairs classroom and studio will be based loosely on my own studio.

I haven't started building it yet because I just got it transferred to the cabin on the last trip up there. Of course I bought shingles for the roof and I plan on painting it an aqua color with white trim. Not sure if I will leave the shingles natural like in the photo or do something different with them. 

Even though I haven't started the building I have been busy making stuff for the inside. It comes with all the fixtures for the general store like the countertop, some shelves, and a display case but I have some more ideas for stuff. 
What is a craft store without paper racks full of paper? I originally planned on making 2 or more of these but after doing just the one I think that will be all for now. The shelves are made of thick packaging plastic and they were a bugger to get to slide into the slots along the side. The paper is all cut from my own scraps and measure just one inch square. (The standard measurement for doll houses is 1 foot to one inch.) 

Since the store carries a lot of ribbon and I have a good collection myself it only seemed right that this miniature have a rack full of ribbon spools too. I made the whole thing including the little spools and the rack. The ribbon itself is made from cut strips of wash tape. 

If any of you have taken one of my classes you know that I always say that if I was marooned on a island and could choose 5 craft supplies my number one pick would be my Distress Ink pads. The pads are made from polymer clay and then I designed the labels on my computer and printed them on plain paper. YEP... they actually say all the info on the real label right down to the name of the color. (No I didn't make the entire set of colors. I'm not completely insane!)

I never buy any stamp pad without also buying the re-inker so of course I had to make then too. I still haven't put labels on them because I am looking for beads that more closely match the real bottle shape before I commit to using these. 

Well that's all for now. Keep checking back to see more of this little project. Margene really wanted me to document the whole process so I hope everyone is in for the long haul. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

News Classes Posted!!

Sorry if these are a few days behind the website posting. (No one told me that they were up.) Anyways....  they are posted and there are some good ones. As always here's a few photos to make you drool.