Thursday, April 10, 2014

Technique Tuesday

Yeah I know that many of you are thinking that I forgot about posting the Tuesday Technique on the right day but not really. You see many of you have seen the samples at the store and so many wanted to know if it was going to be a class that... well you have gotten your wish. It will not be posted as the Tuesday Technique because it will be a class in the next batch to be posted soon. It will be called "Faux Chalkboard" and here are some photos so you can take a peek if you haven't been in the store to see the samples. Both are stamping techniques that are done on black paper. If you want to know more about it then you'll have to take the class. (Sorry!)

OH..... and another little note. If anyone of you was on the waiting list to take the "Spring Has Sprung" card class then you're in luck.....another day has been added. It will be next Thursday April, 17th at 6pm. There are only 6 spots for the class and there was already people on the waiting list so you better call right away if you want to get in. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Die Cut Cards

Sorry that I had these done a while ago and just forgot to post them. My husband is currently hosting a boys only game day in the living room which has our only TV so I had to find something else to do. 

These 2 little houses are both made from the 2 house sets from Impression Obssesion. You can build a house from either set or combine the 2 sets pieces and parts for even more options.  This house is colored with something called Pan Pastels on white card stock. Even though the "house" is pretty realistic you shouldn't be afraid to use something unconventional like yellow polka dots or blue flowers for the sky. 

This house was cut all out of white card stock and left uncolored unlike the top house. The tree was also cut from white and then colored with Copic markers. (Yes the corner die cut and the gingerbread on the roof are both pieces from the sets.) 

For this card I pop dotted a frame first and then built my scene on that. The tree is again cut from white card stock and colored with Copic markers. I then added some small flowers from a paper punch I have and cupped them on a foam mat with a felt tip marker in the center. (Color and shape all in one step.)  The tulips are also cupped on a foam mat with an embossing stylus and then glued to the long blades of grass. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Next Technique Tuesday - The Easter Bunny Comes

Yes I know there was no Technique Tuesday posted 2 days ago and that is because it was something that needed to be done as a video. Something that takes a lot of time and wasn't something that is easily done on my end right now. It was a basic lesson on how to color with Copic or alcohol based markers and is really something that can't be shown easily with just photos. (And since my camera is not in working order it is very hard to take hand shots with the camera on my phone.) So if you want a quick video to watch that shows what I demoed then click here to see it.

But that is not the real reason I am posting this note on the blog. I wanted everyone to see what I will be demoing next Tuesday because I think it is super cute and will get you ready for Easter. I am going to be showing how easy it is to dress these adorable bunny paper dolls. The preprinted sheets with the pattern of the body and several styles of the colored "head" will be available for purchase at the store for a dollar a sheet. So hop on in to see me on Tuesday, April 1st (Fool's day) from 11am to 1pm.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TechniqueTuesday - Faux Batik and Watercolor Stamping

Sorry this is a day late but better late then never. This week I kept it simple and went back to stamping which is what the Stampeddler started as and is still one of the few (if only) stamp stores left in Michigan.

To start this technique you simply stamp an image onto white card stock with clear ink and emboss it with clear embossing powder. (Heat with heat gun to melt.) Then you take any color of Distress Ink you like and apply it to the image with a handle and a blending foam pad. Take an iron set to medium/high heat and place a piece of paper towel or newsprint paper over the image and iron away the embossing powder. Keep moving the paper to a new area every time you iron it. After about 2 or 3 passes all the embossing powder should be melted away leaving an image that is clear white paper showing through the colored ink. 

Here are 2 more examples of the faux batik technique.

This is another simple technique which works well with stamps that have a large solid stamping area. 
Take some basic water based dye markers like Tombo's or Marvy's and color several colors onto the stamp surface. Take a water spritzer bottled filled with water and lightly spray the stamp so that the ink is now allowed to run together. Stamp onto watercolor paper once and your done. (Card stock will work but you need to dry it with a heat gun quickly to keep the image from getting "fuzzy" and bleeding outward.) This top sample shows that there is still ink on the stamp after the first stamping so you can spray more water and keep stamping until it no longer has any ink. Each subsequent image will be lighter then the previous one but you can get up to 5 or 6 images from one coloring. 

Here are some other samples. The Mona Lisa one is done from the same stamp twice so you can see the second stamping is a little lighter. 

Same butterfly image as above but done with different colors. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

More Die Cut Cards

In case you were going into withdrawals I figure I better post some more new card samples. They are all at the store if you wish to see them in person.

This one uses the negative part of the die cut that you would usually throw away. The roses are just three simple flowers that were cupped with a ball stylus on a shaping mat with a small pearl added to the center. 

This is something called the Balleek Technique. (Balleek is a special cream colored porcelain from Ireland.) To do this technique you need an embossing folder some Distress Ink in a light color and a rubber brayer. I find that it helps to lightly sand your embossing folder to help the ink stick to it. Then you simply brayer the ink onto the part of the folder that will become the background, insert the paper and run it through your machine. (Keep the inked side of the folder facing up.) 

This is a nice spring card that I made in hope of warmer weather being on its way. The small blossoms at the bottom were cupped using a bullet tip Tombo marker and I simply pushed it into the center of the flower while it was on the foam shaping mat. That way the flower gets shaped and the center gets colored all in one step. The window actually opens so that you can see the Siamese cat sitting there. 

Just Arrived

Yeah... aren't they gorgeous!! They are recycled Silk Sari remnants from India that are hand dyed here in the states. I love the tattered soft look of these ribbons to use for necklaces or just to tie on a card. Come on in and stock up on a few yards of all the colors because they are really inexpensive even though they are real silk. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Technique Tuesday- Coloring Your Die Cuts

 So last Tuesday I did a demo on how to color your die cuts. Sure you can just cut them from colored card stock and leave it at that but there are so many ways to elevate your art to new levels and they are super easy to do. (No artistic diploma required!!)

This is a sample of how to take one simple die cut and change it into many different looking projects. 

1. I cut this one from white Bazill paper that has the linen texture to it and lightly rubbed a Distress Ink pad across the surface. (Pumice Stone was the color I used.) Now it looks like a properly weathered picket fence. 

2. I cut it from a smooth white paper and stamped a "crackled paint" stamp on it using Distress ink in Old Paper. I then took a foam blending pad and randomly rubbed some more Distress ink in Antique Linen over it. It could be left like that and it would be fabulous but I enhanced one half further by giving it a shadow side by using a dark brown colored pencil. All you do is pick a side and lightly color along the edge.

3. This one was cut from the white textured Bazill paper again and then colored by rubbing Pan Pastels over the surface. They come with many shaped little sponges which you use as "brushes" and I simply chose a very small one that looks like a make up applicator to shade one side with a rust color. 

4. Again I cut the fence from the smooth white paper and stamped it with a grungy looking stamp that resembles rust or dirt using Distress Ink in Weathered Wood. 

5. This one is cut from a medium gray smooth paper and then stamped with the same stamp that I used on #4. (I also used the Weathered Wood Ditress Ink pad.) I then inked the "crackled paint" stamp with Versamark in that I used in #2 and then I heat embossed it using a dark pewter powder. The highlights and shadows I added using colored pencils. One side I used a white pencil and the other side I used a dark gray. Now it looks like it would be right at home on a haunted house. 

Both of these dies were cut from plain white smooth card stock. You can use the textured card stock but it will look a little different. The flower bouquet is colored with Pan Pastels and the branch is colored with Copic Markers. You may be asking why not use chalk or regular dye based markers and the answer is that you can. The reason I use the aforementioned is because Pan Pastels are far more concentrated in color than any chalk you may have and they are meant to be a paint substitute so they are super creamy and smooth when used. The same goes for the Copic markers. They are really nice because they soak into the paper and leave less of a white edge showing plus they tend to not show "marker" strokes like most dye based markers. 

These are all enhanced by stamping and embossing so technically they aren't colored but it does add a nice touch to them. This works well on dies that are larger and have a lot of "open space" to them. If you used a really intricate die cut like the flower bouquet shown above you would lose all the details of the stamps used. This typically works best with tightly designed background stamp and I usually use clear ink and clear powder. The bird with the word stamp on it is just stamped with a darker hot pink ink and not embossed at all. The butterfly only has the orange background stamped and embossed.

This was something that I thought of after the in store demo and that was using alcohol inks on glossy paper. I simply flooded the paper with the blending solution that is usually used to "clean up" after using alcohol inks. I then dropped some Chile Pepper, Terra Cotta, Butterscotch, Sunrise Orange, and Lime Green ink onto it and then tilted the paper back and forth to help distribute it all across the paper. 

That's all for today but be sure and stop by the store to see todays in store demo live from 11am to 1pm.