Sunday, August 17, 2014

Words From The Heart

I'm home now and I'm exhausted! To keep from falling asleep in front of the T.V.  I'm posting the final class I took.

The brass heart is chemically etched and the copper heart is heat embossed. The little words are stamped into the metal and it's all held together with very small screws and eyelets. (The nuts on the back are horrible to try and screw in!)

This was the last t-shirt remix that I wore. Through the retreat I had people stopping me to ask if I made them, do I sell them and where can they buy them. Not sure yet about making them to sell but if I do at least I know that they are popular.

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed seeing the things I created. Please leave some comments and let me know what you liked about it. Oh.... And don't worry my mind is already thinking of ways to incorporate what I learned into some new classes.

Some Eye Candy From The Heart

Yesterday was a full day of classes so I was too tired to post last night.

Here was my work space as I got started on the clay quilts for this class. It was a totally different way of working with clay then I was used to. Laurie taught us that she painted, glued and did everything before she baked it.

Here she is doing her "messy magic" and showing us how to "patina" the clay.

Here is the base of my quilt which is gold leafed, stamped and then painted with acrylics.

Here is my final quilt. Everyone kept saying it looked like a box of candy or cupcakes. I think I'll hang it in my sewing room since I have cupcakes curtains in there.

This is the group of ladies I sat with during this class. They were all friends from the area and one lady visited her mother every month not 10 minutes from my house in Southfield. (We are hoping to have a craft day soon!)

Starting on the left is Laurie Mika, Cindy, Diane, me and Sandy. (Hope I remembered the names right.)

This was yesterday's t-shirt remix.

There was one more class yesterday but I need to eat breakfast  now so I'll post it when get home.

See ya tomorrow!

Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Time For Steampunk

Here is my workspace once I got going on making the clock. The teacher had everything we needed in a kit and she even cut all gears with her own laser machine.

Here's a close-up of the clack face. I cut the numbers from a carpenters ruler except for the 9 which is a typewriter key kit from the class kit.

You can see that I added more "stuff". It was cool to see how different everyone's turned out since we all brought different extras to add on.

Here is the clock as it is now. I still want to add more things when I get home but I know it will be hard to know when to stop.

Here's today's t-shirt remix.

This is what I did this morning with some mini canvases and some of the gelli prints.

Getting Hammered

Sorry this wasn't posted last night but I was bugging the teacher until 10:30. (Class ended at 9:00.) Plus she really liked the stamp I used and wanted to borrow it to make some for herself.

Another wonderful project with Jean Van Brederode last night. (No I was not getting drunk I was hammering metal all night.)

 The first layer of silver you see is actually stamped into molten solder. 

It is attached with a rhinestone rivet and stitched with wire then screwed down with tiny micro fasteners. The purple layer you see is simply brass colored with a purple Sharipie then sanded to reveal the hammered texture. I think I need a micro torch so I can make these for Christmas gifts.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Nights "Make-n-Take"

Last evening there was a little "welcome night" for all the retreat participants. All the teachers were present and there were several little projects to do along with popcorn, pretzels and soda. Below is a little 3" x 4" book that I made at one of the tables. (It's made from one sheet of paper.)


Oh and here is this mornings t-shirt remix.

 See you later today!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First "Glass" Appeal

Well the first class got out early for those of us that are quick workers. (Usually I am not quick.) 

Here is the first part of the book we made which is what hinges the entire thing together. It's made from plain old nuts, bolts, wire and plumbers tape.

This is our teacher, Thomas Ashman, giving us a demo on how to patina the metal pieces. (I actually was brave enough to use the blow torch.) 

Before patina....

After patina.....

After that it was quick work to attach the pages and the glass cover. This is the front cover.

This the back cover and below is a close-up of the binding.

Oh and here's today's fashion statement.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just arrived

 Well I made it here with no problems.

Gotta a king size bed all to myself.

The desk chair looks comfy and I even got a fridge without asking for it. (Life is good!)

Now I just have to find everything for tomorrow's class. Do you think I brought too much? (The red suitcase is clothes and the rest is art supplies.)

Almost forgot to post today's recycled t-shirt. Sorry it's taken in the bathroom but there is no light by the hall mirror. (Never realized how hard it is to take a selfie without having your hands in front of your outfit.) 

See you all tomorrow!